Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Remembering Sarah

If Pauline Campbell had been alive today she, with a group of friends, would have held a vigil outside Styal Women's Prison in remembrance of her daughter Sarah . Sarah died in the prison  in January 2003 while in the care of the state.
Pauline would find it hard to believe that there still has been no inquiry into the death of a child in custody and that children are still being locked up and being restrained in prison  . She would be incensed  to learn of the tragic death, following police custody, of Kesia Leatherbarrow in 2013 ten years after Sarah's death.Kesia's inquest took place in Stockport on the 5th January 2015. How is it possible that vulnerable children go on losing their lives in this tragic way?
Pauline so despised the mantra," lessons will be learned".
Flowers for Sarah were. laid on Pauline and Sarah's grave today.

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