Sunday, 30 August 2009

Hiroshima day

Four of us decided to have a stall at the Cross in Chester on 6th August in remembrance of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima1945. We gave out prepared leaflets and invited passers by to sign the CND petition asking the government to agree to a Convention in 2020 and to ensure the cancellation of all preparations to renew the Trident nuclear weapons system. We collected over 87 signatures and what was so important the interest shown was supportive and informed.
Meanwhile on 17th August five activists from the Trident Ploughshares Coulport disarmament camp entered the most important military site in Britain, the nuclear submarine base at Faslane also near Glasgow, by simply walking through the main gate.


  1. Jennifer Joe and Peter8 September 2009 at 03:14

    Your energy and accomplishments are terrific. We are very grateful that you do the work that you do on our behalf. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you. The work is made easy because so many wonderful people like yourseves show support.