Friday, 6 February 2009

Say no to Trident

A red letter day for me. I love it when I feel that I am still around and historyis in the making.I picked up my newspaper on the way back from my keep -fit class and there on the front page "Victory for the Women's Camp- court rules in favour of Aldermaston activists"I had thought that the front page yesterday had been terrific- "MP's tell Brown to give peace a chance- government urged to scrap "useless" Trident upgrade"

Here was the Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp spokeswoman , the indomitable Sian Jones,saying that the ruling by Lord Justice Wall and Lord Justice Stanley Burton was not only a victory for the women's peace camp ,harrassed and threatened with eviction by the MOD for 23 years,but also an important judgement on the right to protest -and it was a unanimous verdict.

How dare our governments go on threatening the future of the planet and throwing away money that should be used for the wellbeing of all children?

Well done the Women's Peace Camp and more power to all those who protest for peace.

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